Feedback from Round Tables on waste and common goods

The first « Festival de la Récup’ » (Recycling Festival) in the Region Ile de France took place from March 18th to March 24th 2013. This event was organized by ordinary citizen who are members of the collective « Festival des Utopies Concrètes » (FUC). On the subject of Common Goods, two discussions were scheduled : – Waste as Common Good of the Human World ! or gearing towards local citizen economy (Déchets, biens communs de l’humanité ! ou comment aller vers une économie locale et citoyenne (partie 1) – Transforming our Waste into Common Goods ! or regaining control over our waste (Transformons les « déchets » en biens communs ou comment nous réapproprier nos déchets (partie 2)

How were the two Round Tables organized? How was this experience limited? Why was it still enriching? What was said about Common Goods during these Round Tables?

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